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Sunday, September 29, 2002


Well I guess now's as good a time to explain yesterday's goings on as any...

So, I read that The Kings Among Geeks, namely, Leo LaPorte and Patrick Norton from the Screen Savers, would be coming to do some promo thing at the Arundel Mills Mall. Being the huge fan that I am, I decided to go down there and say hi.

And that I did, after patiently waiting in line for 2 hrs and 45 mins, mingling with my fellow nerd... the guys, Patrick and Leo that is, were real pros; they were only scheduled from 12-2, but they stayed much past 3, until God only know when...
*CORRECTION*... Leo's blog says 4 hours and 47 minutes..WOW! Everyone I talked to didn't expect there to be that many people showing up... how typical.

We got there at 12 noon on the dot, just as Leo and Patrick (who was wearing his kilt!), were arriving. A looooong line of hundreds of people had already formed when we got inside, and as I got in queue, the two Gods among nerds charged into the shopping center, and I got to give Leo a high-five/handshake sort of thing: very cool... Cameras everywhere... I might just show up in some shots who knows?

Tons of prizes were given out for knowing TechTV trivia... I wanted a t-shirt or hat but had to settle for a bouncy ball that lights up when it hits the ground. I chatted a little bit with Ken, producer of TSS. Extremely nice guy.

Since they didn't have any copies of Leo's 2003 Tech Almanac, I had to get my bros to keep my spot while I shufled down to Books-A-Million to get my (overpriced) copy. Overpriced I say because I should have gotten it at Waldenbooks ahead of time, but it's still easily worth it.

When the time finally came to meet these Herculean figures of the computer world, I was ready, with book in hand (they also signed a photo), and question in mind. I asked him, since I have to write a term paper for IFSM 300, "If you could pick one hot topic in the world of IT, what would it be?"
"Security," was his response, and he elaborated a bit for the short length of time there was until the next person stepped up. I shook Patrick's hand, saying "Kilts Forever!" What a swell thing it was. Too bad Martin, Megan, Cat, Morgan, and the rest of the gang couldn't make it... maybe next time...



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