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Thursday, August 22, 2002


Everything is getting so much shorter as we plow through the month of August. The days, to quote C&H, "are just packed!" They just go by so fast, it's incredible. I mean, one day, you've got a few weeks of vacation left and on what seems like the next, you've got to go back to school in less than a week. It's nuts! Once you return to classes things slow down right away; the pace doesn't pick back up for another few weeks into the semester. Then you've got the next big break around the corner and you're just hoping that finals aren't too hard, but even if they are, you simply want to get this over with! Then the next vacation begins, the days seem to last about as long as a candle's flame in an oxygen-sealed room, and the cycle continues. Before long, I'll have graduated. How depressing!

In this, the last full week of summer for me, I decided to rent two games from Blockbuster for PS2. The first, Mat Hoffman Pro BMX 2, I won't even discuss; I leave that X-treme Sports stuff to my brothers, as long as they pay me their $hare for the rental fee.

The Hardest Game Ever Coded! Play me, I dares ya!
The other, Stuntman, is practically impossible from the very first stage. Darned if this isn't the most challenging game I've ever played. You get yelled at by the "director" of the films you're working on, and you have to get every little thing exactly right while trying to pull some insane stunts for the "camera." On the positive side, I'd say this concept, if not the execution of it, is maybe the epitome of what a modern, next-generation game should be: it's big, it's bold, it has realistic physics and at the same time there's an air of irreverence in the game's dynamic. OK, I'm not sure what I just said. The bottom line: rent this game if you have (a) an uncontrollable desire to drive around at 100 mph and jump over roofs and stuff, (b) a love for creating your own game world in which you can smash redneckity cars a million different ways (in the Stunt Constructor), and (c) the patience of a saint and the hand/finger stability of a heart surgeon. You tell yourself, "That's IT! Forget that stupid game, it's TOO HARD!!!!" But you always come back for more, the mark of a fun, though somewhat flawed game. Just don't blame me when you're pulling your hair out in frustration.

And finally, from the "Absurd Laws" Department:
French Mayor Bans Residents from Dying
LE LAVANDOU, France (Reuters) - The mayor of a French Mediterranean town, faced with a cemetery "full to bursting," has banned local residents from dying until he can find somewhere else to bury them.

OK then. Uhhh-huuuuhhhh. So then what's the punishment for lawbreakers? The life penalty? C'est fou!

I'm going to the rescheduled Fredneck Keys game tonight. I hope to update again soon. See ya.



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