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Saturday, April 07, 2007


I suppose I should update more often... it's just that for every moment I spend blogging, I could be house searching, wedding officiant searching, mortgage searching and other important activities that may or may not involve searching of some type. So I'm just sort of... "engaged" at the moment; my fiancee and I are doing our best to stay on top of our busy schedules and fully aware of the necessities of our future life together. Lots of stuff to do! So... um, end of apologia.

But what else occupies me, personally? Well, the usual suspects you might say... I'm still a voracious (does that word get used before any other word but the next?) reader, tearing into... let's see, what have I been reading this week... The Looming Tower, Weird Maryland, The Essential Chaplin, Boffo!, along with my weekly City Paper and regular scrolls-through of Slate, Slashdot, and The AV Club (among many other websites). I still watch as many movies as humanly possible (by this I mean films and TV on DVD... once in a pretty great while, I do savor the opportunity to head to the cinema) and I surround myself with music, of course (the old stuff in constant rotation on the iPod, new CDs enjoyed in the car stereo, too); also, podcasts are a big part of my listening habits (I should touch on these in a future post).

Now to the point, más o menos, of the post.
She: What are your life-long dreams?
Me: hmmm
Hard indeed to answer. I suppose it's my practical side showing, but I tend more to hold in mind the ideal situation in which small, regular pleasures and pursuits are available, rather than some ultimate goal that I might never attain. Honestly, call me unambitious or petit-bourgeois or whatever, I can't claim to have a definitive "dream" for myself, other than growing, being happy, and providing for my family.

Then I guess my dream is more of a general one really, of the freedom to be myself and to explore whatever else pops up. I like learning about things and how to do things... photography (still, motion, digital, film, whatever), my writing (suggestions welcome), maybe some day even music (I see myself perhaps as more of a keyboard person... my finger strength's a bit wanting for more string instruments, but who knows?)

I love keeping abreast of what's new and in development (news, rumors, and pure speculation) in all of the realms of culture I mentioned above. I follow the news and consider myself usually reasonably well-versed in politics and current events, and I love a good book on science and/or philosophy, but these days it's the arts that excite me above all (although I'm very often described as a computer geek, I see advances in technology more as a means to an end [usefulness as a tool for work and play]; very rarely will you find me salivating over some new graphics chip, for example). I love discovering new genres, revisiting classics, separating the wheat from the chaff - it's fun, it's vital, it's liberating. I could elaborate, but I figure that's what I'll be doing in just about all future swiley's blog posts...

On a closing note, I've decided that revising the permanent set of links in the left panel is my next order of business with this blog, as soon as I complete a months-in-the-making photo-rich article I've been pecking at during idle moments. No promises as to when this will happen... just a preview. I might do a full-scale redesign, so if any reader has an attachment to the look of the site, let me know and I'll go easy on changing the color scheme and so forth.

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Es hora para una actualización en tu blog. Te quiero mucho, mi amor.

Tu Nicole

By Blogger Nicolasa (AKA: Chihuahua), at May 30, 2007 8:05 AM  

You have accomplished a lot since you posted this blog. I'm sure you'll have a lot to share next time you post on here. I love you, mi amor!

By Blogger Nicolasa (AKA: Chihuahua), at August 27, 2007 4:51 PM  

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