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Friday, November 10, 2006


Are You There Blog? It's Me, swiley

I could, as I seem to always do, start by go into unnecessary apology-for-not-posting mode. But not this time.

I just want to check in, and explain a little. Because I always feel as though I have to make excuses for myself in front of my extended family - they care, and thankfully never (or at least rarely) make me feel ashamed, but I feel awkward talking about some things. I'm just at a loss for words why I seem to be ignoring their advice.

They think I should go on to grad school, and find hobbies. I agree, I should. I even think I ought to try to work another job to help me save up. But there's just no room in my life for all that right now. Will there ever be?

Here's a breakdown of my day (which should explain the tumbleweeds rolling by on this blog):

6:00 ~ 6:30 a.m. Wake up, etc.
6:30 ~ 7:00 a.m. Arrive at work (a blissfully brief commute, I must admit)
I work 8.5 hours, often a bit more if required
So I usually get back home around 4:00 or 4:30. So that leaves plenty of time for night classes, hobbies and stuff, right? Maybe a little blogging?

Well, since this past summer and until the next, my girlfriend Nicole and I have been saddled with (look, a pun!) the responsibilty of taking care of (grooming, riding, photographing, etc.) her sister's two horses while she's away at school. We are also in the midst of training Nicole's two-year old horse, which is possibly even more important.

So I guess that's my hobby, or call it a second job, if you will.

Usually we get back to Nicole’s house by 7:00 or 8:00. At least we get to spend a fun evening together – we have some time to look at photos we took, watch a DVD, and read (I know my description of “fun” might sound boring to most, but it’s Nicole who really matters to me, and I just try to enjoy what we have.) And eat dinner... most days.

I stay until Nicole’s asleep (I try my best to help her relax and rest) or 11:30, whichever’s sooner. Home by midnight, I try to hit the sack as soon as I can so I can get some sleep before the whole thing repeats in 6 hours or so.

It took a few weeks of this schedule, for me at least, to adjust to it, and accept it, really. But I think I speak for both of us in saying that day-in, day-out, it can be rather exhausting. I cannot imagine how difficult it is for Nicole, who has a demanding job of her own and has to do the real work at the barn (she also teaches three hours of lessons on Saturday, and another one on Monday). I just want to do my best to assist in these hard days, really looking forward to a time when we can more regularly choose how we want to spend our time. I just hope we can stay with it until then.



Come back SWiley's Blog! Brooks Xmas Radio will be returning soon and we need your support! By the way, do you remember if I started that in 2001 or 2002? I tried checking your blog archives but they only go back to 2002. Archive.org wasn't of much help either. I can track it back to 2002 so I think thats when it was but I feel like maybe I did start in 2001. Oh well.

By Anonymous Brooks, at November 21, 2006 1:32 AM  

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