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Tuesday, April 08, 2003


24: 1:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.

[note: I'm writing this as the episode unfolds, so I'm thinking out loud here, rather than analyzing it post-mortem as I usually do.]

"It wasn't his. The gun. It was mine."
-Kommander Kimbo, trying to help the case of the guy who just killed a man in her presence and threatened her too. Genius.

Hehehe... Tony's in a cast, on crutches, and has a cold. That's what you get for messing with Jack Bauer, boyee!

Uh-oh, Jack's making promises he might not be able to keep. "I will not let you get on that plane."

Early break at 1:10. Hmm.

Haha! Cop to Kim: "You're under arrest, so take my advice: don't say any more." Wow, truer words were never spoken.

Sometimes, you just gotta shut up, for your own sake!

WOW: Michelle is still as cool as a cucumber in the face of Tony's verbal altercations. I'm impressed.

Shameless FOX News plug. "Lynch them unAmerican for'ners!"- Cletis and the hillbilly gang

Oh snap, da Prez ain't about to take none of that ignorant bigot garbage.

1:22- Bleep... bloop... bleep... bloop...

1:27- Bloink... toink... schmoink... croink...

Yusef lays the smoke grenade and then bang bang bang everywhere... Kate, stop running around like a decapitated chicken!

Inevitably, she encounters a hostile and must... pull... the... trigger! Nice shot.

Very nice shootout- the best yet for the series.

Oops, Michelle spills the beans. Tony & Jack have a nice chat.

1:32- Clang... spank... frank... thlank...

1:38- Fornt... bornt... you know the drill...

LOL... Kim's long list of crimes and misdemeanors is put before her. FREE TO GO?! WHAT!!!??? Yeah, sure. Send her to the zoo to see if she can be kidnapped by gun-toting mountain lions.

Kim learns of her father's non-dead status. Yippidee dippidee.

"I'll call the police!" -Shocked nurse
"LADY I AM THE POLICE, NOW OPEN THE DOOR!!!" -Jack, placidly diplomatic as always.

Uh-oh, Miguel. He's the mole, I know it! Seriously though, I've got the over-under that Gary makes an appearance sometime soon. Murderous fugitive, that should be a new one.

Miguel dumps Kim like a truck. Thump. Oh, and the payoff! Stumps were there once was shins. Ewww...

1:46- This is one solid episode, or my name's not "Teri's Twin Sister Carol"

< non-24 commentary >"Mr. Personality" looks like just about the worst show ever contrived. Even by FOX standards. < /non-24 commentary >

1:49- Let's see if Gary shows up at the precinct...

Pointless attempt at apology by Michelle.

D'oh! Rubber bullets can kill. Find out that dead boy's name! STAT!
"Tragic accident?" This president's having pangs of conscience, ferpetessakes!

Likelihood of recovery: .0001%
Don't stop talking! No!!! You can die next hour! Flatline... Dang (Wasn't Keifer in Flatliners?)

EEEWWWWWWWWWW!!! Jack dissects the fresh cadaver to get the memory chip! What an awesome, completely disgusting twist!


2:00- Blurp... glurp... snurp... churp...



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