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Sunday, March 23, 2003


Well, it's the Oscars. Yee-haw. Not too excited about this one; haven't gone on any prediction contests. Reasons: (a) War. Kinda makes the periphery fairly irrelevant. (b) Chicago's got the big one all locked up. I at least had hope last year that LOTR: FOTR would take it. Next year, Return of the King is gonna own.

I'm a bit disturbed by the new AOL Broadband ad. You know the one. Yeah, the ICON. How hot. It's such a joke that they don't allow previews for movies. Like they're above that, or something. I don't get their logic.

Don't know how Steve Martin's going to be funny tonight. It's starting now... we'll see!

OK, might as well keep a log of the goings-on...

Hahaha. "Writers, directors, and actors. That is the order of whom we're going to eat when we run out of food."

There's Jack. Can the man not smile in that crazy way? He should get crazy smile insurance.

"Lord of the Rings: Now that was a great download-- sorry, Theatrical Experience!"

Queen Latifah: "Or as I like to call her, Sequel Money."

WTF was that? Somebody just threw a phone on stage. Hmm... Steve said it was planned.

Ha! Natalie "middle-aged." Funny photo-based bit.

Monologue: 3 out of 4.

"If you'd like a transcript of tonight's show, just write down everything we say." -Steve Martin
LOL. Your wish is my command.

OK, animated films... Anime nuts are gonna go on a rampage if it's not Spirited Away...
And the Oscar goes to...
Spirited Away! Yay! Now they won't have to watch out for flying pocky.

Keanu. "Whoa." Cool visual effects. GOLLUM!!! Spidey- eh, not great. The Great Bearded One... George Lucas.
And the Oscar goes to...
Woohoo! LOTR: Two Towers! I wanted Treebeard and Smeagol to come on stage... And Arwen wouldn't hurt either.
Hey... let them have a few seconds, for Pete (Jackson's) sake! They cued the music just like that. No respect for the hobbits.


We're back... Where's the HULK, Jennifer Connolly? Hey, it's a clipfest. About actors- how original!

For supporting... It'll be either Chris Cooper or John C. Reilly...
Yay! Chris Cooper- what an unbelievable character he played in Adaptation. Hey don't forget to thank Donald too! Oh, first call for peace on the night.

Another Jenny, this one from the block.
Art direction- Chicago gets this one I bet...
I was right. And all that jazz. (Won't we be hearing that quite a bit this evening.)

Travolta. This might be interesting- Chicago's "I Move On."
Hehehe... I wonder whose dress is bigger...? I'm looking for a childbirth on stage. A fair song, but there's no excuse for the lack of Gollum's Song, so I declare the whole category moot.

Well, that's it for me. I have to spare you the rest of my rambling commentary for now.



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