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Thursday, March 20, 2003


The blogging's been slow in these parts, I admit. Spring Break is just one short day away, so I hope to be providing you all with my heapin' helpin's of wit and wisdom < / sarcasm > over the next week. Guess I'll start here.

God bless our boys, and robots. (More than meets the eye!)

Seeing how things over in Iraq are going so far, it might be interesting to see what the dopey stars have to say about it on Oscar night. Wouldn't it be just perfect if we knocked off Saddam, his boys, and his military crew, with no civilian casualties to speak of? I know this is a complete fantasy, but what would the kneejerkers say then? It's a bit like the conundrum posed by Minority Report; if we're certain you're going to murder, then we have the right to lock you up. If we could be certain we'd only kill the bad guys, then let's fire up the missiles and start the crapshoot! But we can't be certain of much of anything, least of which being civilian casualties. It's nice to dream though. (Sorry for the semi-hawkishness all of a sudden... I'll behave like a nice college student now. ;-) )

The New York Times can be so annoying. Why in the name of all that is good and holy does Thomas Friedman not have a perma-link to his latest column archives? The one they list, a query with a ridiculously long url only pulls up stuff from three months ago. What b.s.! Here's his latest one, in case you're still interested. Broken websites... lalalala.

I love how brainwashed, action-craving people (take my brother, for example) are reacting to the beginning of the invasion. It's kinda sad- "When are they gonna start fighting?" "These explosions are so boring!" Yeah, really sad. Still, there was one British reporter on the radio phoning it in from Baghdad. I would mourn if he didn't survive, but he did, so, honestly, the explosions were pretty incredible. Cool, even.

FASCINATING, funny military blogger.

A Spanish movie worth watching. Now I gotta write a page on it for Spanish class. Ángela Molina is just wonderful in it. Her most-known film was Buñuel's That Obscure Object of Desire. Speaking of Buñuel... If you're ever looking around at Blockbuster for a movie that will brighten your spirits, RUN, do NOT WALK, in the opposite direction from his Los olvidados (The Young and the Damned). Heh, powerful film though. I liked how it didn't pretend that there are any easy answers to gang violence.

Another movie worth watching, when it comes out tomorrow: Dreamcatcher. Saw it at a midnight screening last week in the glorious Senator Theater. Weird as all get out, but nicely done, indeed. Need to read the book now. Post my review, Harry!



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