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Tuesday, February 25, 2003


24: 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm

SHERRY (aka LADY MacPALMER: I didn't sleep with [Stanton].
POTUS PALMER: (In a wonderfully diabolically tone of voice.) I didn't ask.

This was a strange episode, one after which it's incredibly hard to believe there's going to be much of a story to tell in the coming weeks. This was the real-life time synchronous episode- watching the clock tick by on screen as it does on the clock radio is kinda fun. And this really was the key turning-point episode. So many odd things happening... (if you haven't seen the episode, consider this your SPOILER WARNING)

So, in CTU land, we get the sad departure of George Mason. It's not the last we'll see of him, I'm positive. A possible mole candidate? The magic 8 ball says "unlikely." Otherwise, it seems the forecast for this location in the show is cloudy, with a strong possibility of cat fighting. Notice the lack of audible ticking from the clock after George leaves the scene? Yep, just like when Teri croaked last season. R.I.P.

Kommander Kim didn't fare too poorly, I have to admit. She used her brain (that she had one was in itself a surprise), took action, and just said "no" to Mr. Survivalist. What a poor, pitiful moron that guy is- let's see... besides forgetting about the TV, this sad sap honestly expects his near-conquest to throw him a bone even after she's clobbered him upside the head and pulled a knife on him. OK, so his pleas for her to "come back sometimes" were quite ready for mocking, but what about his arming her? Hmm... he knows she's wanted for kidnapping and murder, so he gives her a gun, his gun, so that he can be incriminated in an episode down the line... "Fabulous!" to quote those crazy gum ads. One can only hope that Kim is back to her usual inane exploits in the coming weeks.

Mmmm... k. So the Prez didn't exactly lay the smack down on Ms. So-and-so tonight, but he makes up for his extremely bad judgment this season (i.e. listening to a single word that's come out of her mouth) by unapologetically dismissing her. Not the last that we'll see of her, one knows.

OK, now for the "main" storyline at the airport. Umm. So. They have the bomb. Again. I think we're supposed to believe it's real this time and that it's the only one. Good news though: another torture scene for all those of you who appreciate that sort of thing.

A few random notes:
FOX: STOP SPOILING THE SHOW EVERY CHANCE YOU GET!!! I mean it! OK, so I can skip the end-of-show previews. And I can boycott the FOX network, FX, and FOX NEWS all I want to avoid spoiler-ridden commercials- that's my prerogative. But for the love of all that is decent- DO NOT SHOW UPCOMING SCENES DURING THE FREAKIN' EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and where is Nina? We miss her.



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