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Monday, December 16, 2002


Hey, prospective UMBC students: you might be interested in joining the "honors college," or maybe your parents are telling you that you should be. Now I'm not going to give you a load of propaganda about how great it is, but besides the $cholarship, one major benefit really is the classes that become available (and mandatory- 6 classes are needed to graduate). There's just seems to be a different vibe in H classes- it's not that everybody's super-smart (though some are), it's just that everybody seems to have a reason to be in class. For us slightly-lazy folk, that can be a problem.

You see, in an H class, people don't skip class. Ever. Or hardly ever, if that. And you think you can coast on by, sleeping through classes, missing quizzes, getting 75s on exams and expect the curve to pick you up at the end to an "A"? Ha! Not in the classes I've been in. Honors classes, I must say, are quite competitive. I guess that's the point, more or less.

So take it from me, kiddies: don't kid yourself (har!)- UMBC has some hard classes and some not-so-hard classes and H classes usually fall into the latter category. Deal with it. Honors classes are for (*cough*) 'serious scholars' and should not be attempting by any weak-kneed, studyphobes who in the few years haven't cracked open a book not written by Dr. Seuss. They demand discipline, willpower, fortitude, and the ability to list three adjectives in a row that mean practically the same thing!

Needless to say, H classes can be a ton of fun too. Some of my best memories of school in the past 3 semesters come from either Honors-only classes or regularly-listed course with the H attached. (Don't worry; you'll understand when you register.) Anyway, you can almost tell with a lot of people that they're "honors students;" whether that's good or bad, I dunno. But as I was saying, most H people have a great personality, are really bright, and exceptional students. Maybe a little intimidating, but after a few classes, you might not want the semester to end, you're having so much fun.

Anyway, that's my spiel. Do with it what you wish.

This finals-induced rant is in no way endorsed by the UMBC Honors College, its professors, or its students. All rights reserved, all wrongs righted. If serious side effects persist, please see your doctor immediately. Check your local listings for date and time. That is all, thank you. I said, good day to you, sir! Stop reading this, now!! Good-bye!!!



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