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Sunday, December 29, 2002


Dispatch from New Jersey

Howdy folks.
I'm up here in the Garden State for the weekend at my aunt and uncle's house. Cable modem = good!

Checking out some tight broadband content:
Some pretty sweet action mini-flicks on here. I guess you'd call them advertainment; there's really no overt "buy BMW" messages. Unless they're subliminal. X->
Here's how I rank the 6-8 minute adventures:
Ambush John Frankenheimer, R.I.P. This is a good start for the series. As simple as can be, and a ton of fun.
3.5 / 5
Chosen Love the nod to your next film, director Ang Lee. HULK SMASH! Not bad. Nice balletic driving, but not enough violence. ;-)
3 / 5
The Follow This one's been taken down from the site, so I haven't seen it. Nothing Kazaa Lite can't fix...
? / 5
Star Pretty goofy. Guy Ritchie gets to beat up on his wife, Madonna. Yippee.
2.5 / 5
Powder Keg The polar opposite of the previous film, Alejandro González Iñárritu goes for the serious approach. Not that much action, but the story's good.
3 / 5

And from season two:

Hostage Niiiiiice. John Woo directs this slick pic. No doves or double-barrelled madness, unfortunately. Still, my second favorite.
4 / 5
Ticker Oh dag, this is phat. One of my favorite actors, Don Cheadle puts in an intense performance. Two other cameos, I think: Ray Liotta and Dennis Haysbert, AKA 24's President David Palmer. This one was directed by Joe Carnahan, whose Narc, starring Liotta, I was too busy to see a few weeks ago. Bad move by me, I guess. Oh yeah:
5 / 5
Beat the Devil Ugg. Lame, lame, lame. A waste of time. James Brown and Gary Oldman scare me in this. Stinky bad.
1.5 / 5

So I guess that's it for now. Will there be more? Will I get a better net connection to see them on?? Could Gary Oldman look any worse than with lipstick, spandex, and dyed hair???

Incidentally, I found this on the legal page:
Any issues involving this site shall be governed by the laws of the state of New Jersey, and anybody using this site agrees that any lawsuit shall be litigated in state or federal court in New Jersey.

OK, whatever you say. Didn't have plans to sue, but while I'm up here, might as well...



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