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Saturday, October 12, 2002


Has it been a whole week since I last posted???
(That question pretty much answers itself.)

So how are all you pretty people out there? Holdin' up ok? That's cool- better than I could claim for this past week. I did get a pretty nasty cold... but it's ancient history now. Whatever... enough sick talk.

No TRW article for this week, and we'll have to see about one for next week. They jury's still out, as they say in clicheland.

hmm.. what else has been going on? Oh yes, the sniper...

When you see this truck, DUCK!
Have you seen this truck?

This is... nuts. I mean, there was a cop just across from this guy (assuming it's a man...) when he took his last victim. The criminal hubris of this guy is unbelievable. Shooting a kid at school... the trial for this guy will be a load I bet... I'm all for due process and a fair trial but really, any punishment this guy (again, sexist pronoun) gets will be too lenient. The terrorism angle could get interesting, if that becomes an issue. I mean, what is this guy if not a terrorist? Why do terrorists have to have a political cause and a different skin color/religion? (Which this ... person... could have, but it isn't likely- probably just a white ex-marine gone off his rocker. Semper fi, indeed.)

OK, on to a lighter topic.

Zookeepers Suspended for Eating Animals
BERLIN (Reuters) - Two zookeepers in a small northwest German town have been suspended and put under police investigation for eating the zoo's animals, police said on Friday.
A police spokesman in Recklinghausen north of Cologne said the keepers in a section of the zoo popular with small children had slaughtered and barbecued five Tibetan mountain chickens and two Cameroonian sheep.
"The animals were in the 'pet' zoo where all the children would go to stroke them," the spokesman said. Suspicious zoo managers called police after the animals went missing.

Isn't that just terrible? I mean... What a rotten thing to do. He just took the animals under care and threw 'em on the old George Forman grill?!?! That's so wrong! MMMMMmmmm... barbecued Tibetan mountain chickens...

One more thing... I love Yahoo!, think it's a great site, get all my news from my.yahoo, etc. blahblah,... but-
Has anyone noticed that most of their links to other pages on their site ARE COMPLETELY NON-FUNCTIONAL! ? For example, any of the links to other news stories at the bottom of a news page...

Stormdrain Crawler Pulled From Sewer

Model worker wins Miss Tibet pageant

Two examples from that stupid news story. Both have a redirector, and both come up dead... until you pull out that stupid http://rd.yahoo.com/dailynews/morefrom/story/headlines/* from the url. Maybe it's just my Windows set-up, I have no clue. But it's really annoying me. So there. Does this afflict anyone else? Let me know either way. It would make my day.

Alrighty, I more or less promise that it won't be a full week before I return. Cross my heart, hope not to get shot while pumping gas...



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