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Wednesday, August 14, 2002


Surprise, surprise. Once again, the main course for today is another chapter in the intriguing OC Saga. Roll 'em!

"Endless Bummer," or, "Frank Herbert's 'Dune Fries'" Thursday, 7/18

The morning is gray and muggy and dull. Yesterday's little ripples were tsunamis compared to the pathetic excuses for waves tumbling in today. I try to play a little sandball (that is, baseball in the sand) with my bros, but it's too stinkin' humid and nasty out. This morning can't end soon enough. At least my allergy medication is working. (I always look on the bright side of things. *shrug*)

Pitiful, ain't it?

For dinner, we go to one of my favorite restaurants, The Cottage Cafe. There are two locations, and this year we're trying out the one in Delaware, for the first time. The other's in Maryland, but just barely- I think the parking lot is in Delaware and the actual dining area and bar are in MD, so you have to pay sales tax.

I really like the vibe at this place: cool, but not overly hip or, alternatively, restrictively geriatric. For starters, we order possibly the most unhealthful* food ever devised by mankind: "Dune Fries." Fortunately, they're also among the tastiest. The fries are piled high, topped with melted cheese 'n' bacon, served with ranch dressing for dipping. Geez… who needs Dr. Kevorkian when you can just munch on a few plates of these and at least die happy**?

*Not "unhealthy," something I was taught long ago and now know to avoid as a descriptor of food, natch.
**The casket may have to be double-wide, as a side effect.
Eat me! Or die trying!

So, after a lovely salad and a few mini-muffins (not to mention enough fries to choke an orca), my main course arrives: parmesan chicken, as served by the very hospitable waitress. Wow. I can hardly finish half, for my stomach has by now entered Defcon 2. Dessert was out of the question at this point. Only quibble: the breadsticks that came with it were a mite stale. Deduct half a point if you're scoring at home.

In closing, visit the cottage, either on 146th St. in OC or their Delaware locale a few miles north. With their amazing cooking and friendly service, you'll be glad you did! Even the prices are quite decent. Just don't be surprised when you go home with a doggy bag!



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