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Thursday, August 08, 2002


In preparation for the upcoming site redesigns (or additions, maybe) I straightened out the Archives, and made them monthly, rather than weekly, just FYI.

The fair was OK, "fair" you might say if you want to venture a pun. But more importantly, there's a new Ocean City update, double-sized for your reading pleasure. So without further ado, more dispatches from the Eastern Shore...

“They Had a Little Horsie Named…" Tuesday, 7/16

"I wish we could live here."

I once said the very same thing. But these days I no longer would agree with my youngest brother's sentiment. I hate sounding like an ingrate, but what seems an intoxicating paradise to a youngster is now, for me anyway, an exhausting way to spend a week of my summer. I can't say I look forward to going home, but I'm pretty sure I won't be distraught about leaving. Such is life. It's best to relax and squeeze every last drop of fun from this semi-sweet lemon called vacation.

After the usual beach excursion, we skipped lunch (for most of us, this means some very liberal snacking and slurping), and left for the 4 o'clock early bird buffet at Paul Revere,* on the boardwalk, at around 2nd Street to be exact. The quality of most of the offerings is OK, with a few highlights to be found in the vast array of comestibles. For example, the beef stroganoff was fair, but lacking one key ingredient: the beef.** Not surprisingly, the best eatin' includes the fried chicken, fried clam strips, and fried fish nuggets (starting to see a pattern here?). But the one can't-miss dish is the delightful Caramel Graham Cracker Marshmallow pie. It might've been a Jello mix, I couldn't tell. Just be sure to save room for a slice or two.

*I'm pretty sure the famous patriot had nothing to do with the opening of the restaurant.
**I'm tempted here to quote an infamous Wendy's commercial, but will refrain from doing so, in memory of Dave Thomas.

"A Fistful of Quarters" Tuesday, 7/16

After the mammoth feast on (well, not really "on") one boardwalk, we drive several miles north to another, that of Rehoboth Beach, DE, for a little entertainment.* FunLand has all the normal family fun accoutrements (rides, an arcade, ski ball), crammed into a space smaller than the main dining area of many restaurants we've visited.* In other words, it's wall-to-wall people. I've ridden (that word is not my favorite, for some reason) all the rides before, the kiddie games don't much amuse me, and the arcade games are all really old and crusty.

There are a few electronic entertainment prospects at the overpriced dedicated arcade on the boardwalk, so it is there that I drag myself, quarters in tow. The only thing really worth mentioning is the "Mo-Cap Boxing" simulator- you know the one where you pick up the "gloves" and battle a pretend pugilist in three dimensions, complete with full head movements for dodging the opponent's blows. After defeating the first two fighters, I give up. My shoulders are sore. It's worth a buck.

*Or, as Mozart referred to it, "Eine Kleine Nachtarkadegamesundstuff."
**Just a teensy-weensy exaggeration.

I believe my brother when he laments that he didn't have a very good time playing the ticket-spewing machines (ski ball, whack-a-mole, and the like). Apparently my sarcasm detector had been thrown off by a few two many virtual punches to the head; he had won at least ten stuffed animals, including a hulking brute of a dog, just about as large as him! Just another for the collection, the miniature zoo of Beanie Babies and stuffed animals they keep in their room. They'll snap out if it soon, I hope.



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