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Wednesday, August 14, 2002


A few links to share, before today's main attraction.

First, it's Pirated Sites. This doesn't need much of a description from me. I just suggest that you go and gawk at the audacity some "designers" have in "borrowing" a few features from other sites. Really great stuff! Actually, one of the reasons I did the minor overhaul (if that's not a contradiction) with this blog is that way too many other pages were using the old template. Definitely not piracy, but doubtless an impetus to change a few things.

Next, I must give major props to Lore Fitzgerald Sjöberg, my favorite contributor to The Brunching Shuttlecocks (see that little link over on the left?). He's enormously talented and not only that, but his output of excellent writing is amazingly prolific, for lack of a better term. I could read his stuff for hours, never ceasing to be amused.

Finally, an article that states plainly what all non-brainwashed-by-the-RIAA net users know: the downturn in the music industry, in terms of sales (if not quality of tunage), has nothing to do with mp3 downloaders!
Based on surveys of 1,000 U.S. online consumers, Forrester said it sees no evidence of decreased CD buying among frequent digital music consumers and said the record labels could restore industry growth by making it easier for people to find, copy, and pay for music on their own terms.

If movies were slumping, H-Wood would be singing the exact same tune, but they're not, so they won't complain and will keep jacking up prices until people stop going to flicks. Then they will say that h4x0rs and warez hounds are to blame, and America should be ashamed of itself for not locking up who has a cable modem and types in "spiderman" into his or her copy of Kazaa, out of curiosity.

Stealing is stealing, I guess. I wouldn't appreciate it if millions of geeks were bootlegging my entire record before it even came out (not that I've recorded one, but who knows...). But the music industry, fighting a losing battle, is getting hysterical in its calls (I should say, its "Congressional puppet's calls") for legislation essentially banning computers, CD burners, etc. when it should be looking for ways to promote their "artists" through new media. Stop whining, you'll get over it, just like you did with audiotapes and the movie companies did with VCRs.



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