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Friday, July 05, 2002


Living it up on Independence Day

So yesterday we were invited to have lupper* and then view the subsequent fireworks display at a golf club. Errr... I mean at a country club sort of place, not at a 9 Iron or something crazy like that.

*at 4:00, it's hard to say whether it should be called lunch or supper.

A very posh, upper-class joint I must say, though I had eaten there before, so it's not as thought this was an entirely alien experience. We dined* in this balcony overlooking a tent which contained the feeding throngs... it made me feel like some third-world dicatator or something. I felt like throwing a bowl of jello at one of the "peasants," but my better judgment persuaded me that it might cause some sort of international incident and NATO or the UN would have to step in.

*Can I use "dine" to mean "scarf down BBQ, burgers, and other relatively lowbrow comestibles"? Can't see why not...

It's funny what the blazing sun can do to one's mind. :-D

BTW, it's mildly ironic that yesterday I was in with the beautiful people at an elite country club and a week from tomorrow I'll be living in a trailor for a week. In Ocean City mind you... Just an innocent observation. :-)

Anyway, the fireworks show was quite awesome, maybe the coolest ever. Then again, it seems that I say that after every year's Catonsville High extravaganza. Except for last year, when some lamer got injured and they had to cancel after only 15 mins or so. What a disappointment! :-(

Speaking of dorks and the letdowns they always seem to bring about, I always find it amusing when some Baltimoron (you know the type, with the "hon" accent and terminology or: just insert local yokel here) calls out "Ohhhwww, mayan. Thayat was a dud!" and immediately after he says this, BOOOOOOOM!!!!!, the delayed firework goes off. It cracks me up every single year! I love it when loudmouth nerf herders have to eat some serious crow. I laugh to myself, but making sure to guffaw loudly in the general direction of the mistaken dweeb.

Have a great weekend- maybe I'll post again sometime soon...



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