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Wednesday, June 26, 2002


OK, me here at home in El Kridge 'cause a certain file, which happens to be very important, decided to spontaneously combust or something... er... *rolls eyes*

I probably can't post anything tomorrow, so this'll be a relatively long one.

This afternoon they had me with the Minors (11-12 year-olds) as there was a shortage of counselors up there. I recognized quite a few of them (and knew almost as many names as I do of my own group ;-) ). There's definitely something that happens to these kids between the ages of around 8 (the Cubs, my groups) and 12. Some of these guys are getting close to my height! It's scary... and their banter amongst each other can be pretty weird and disgusting. Hmm...The password is: Hormones!

This is so weird... There's no one online from my AIM buddylist (a very modest 26 people). This has never happened before, to the best of my memory. sigh... I'm not lonely... just alone.

This made me happy:
The best TV show of last year (and just about the only network show I care to watch), 24: Season One, is now available for order from amazon.com SWEEEEET! The SRP is $60, but you can pre-order it from amazon for $45. I might do that, or just wait 'til its release date, September 17, and pick it up from The Tag. I'd say that's a pretty nice price for an entire season, regardless of whether there are any extras (and it's said that 3 alternative endings will be included- I wonder if they're any more coherent than the one they aired). Commentaries would be nice, as always.

As a side note, there's no mention of the 6-disc set on the FOX.com main site or their store, so amazon had better not be pulling our collective chain on this.

Notice also that currently the FOX main page has links to some movies, but clicking on the Minority Report pic takes you to StarWars.com... Hmmm... I was about to conclude that some Star Wars uber-nerd had hacked the site to try to bring more traffic to the house that Lucas built, but the adjacent SW promo shot is linked to their "Unfaithful" site. Nice job, webmasters.

I have to go to the lost and found. I saw this big set of briefcases lying on the side of the road today, which were marked "WorldCom, $3.8B" I wonder if they need them back... naahhhh, maybe I'll just keep them.

So that's all for now. Catch you sometime this weekend, ojal√°.



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