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Friday, May 16, 2003


I'm a blogging MANIAC...! MWAHAHAAHAHA! With my burst of confidence, no one can stop me now! (look out, Glenn Reynolds!)

Once again, Microsoft is being a big doody-head...

Microsoft Tries Flush Away Its iLoo Snafu

By Reed Stevenson

Microsoft Corp. reversed its position for the second time in 24 hours on Tuesday over whether or not it had ever planned to launch a portable toilet with a built-in Internet terminal in Britain this summer.

On Monday, the world's largest software maker had said the "iLoo," which was described in minute detail in an April 30 press release by its British subsidiary, was a hoax and apologized for any "confusion or offense."

But on Tuesday Microsoft switched its story and said that the iLoo had been a legitimate project by its British MSN Internet service that was terminated after the initial announcement prompted controversy, ridicule and disgust.

"SNAFU?!" That was brilliant publicity, I'd contend! Grr... just when I get something to latch my hopes onto, it all gets flushed down the drain...

Too bad we won't be hearing this this year:
"I'd just like to thank all the little people..."
...yeah, save it for your blog, bub...

Webby Awards ceremony canceled

By Steven Musil

The Webby Awards, the Internet community's biggest annual event, has become a non-event this year.

The poor economy and fears about traveling were blamed for the cancellation of the seventh annual ceremony, which was scheduled for June 5 in San Francisco. Instead, the winners will be announced on the Internet.

"With our nominees now reflecting a truly global Web, we're facing new considerations, especially in light of everything that's going on in the world," Maya Draisin, executive director of Webby Awards sponsor The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, said in a release. "Presenting the awards in San Francisco without all of the nominees present is not true to the spirit of the Webbys, so we decided to bring the Webby Awards to them instead."

Darn, darn, darn... I just bought this tux and I was rarin' to go! After all, I was supposed to be a presenter in the "Superfluous, Rarely-Updated Central Maryland College Student Weak Excuse-for-a-Blog" Category. Errrr!

And finally, an excellent Internet history lesson, provided by The Lemon:
I'd provide a sample, but I don't want to spoil any of the snarky goodness.



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