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Monday, April 07, 2003


An unexpected absence.

Yeah, that April 1st post really was a joke. Really. I just don't know why I haven't posted much since. This really is unlike me, but things have been cool the past couple days. Read into that what you will. :-D No seriously though, I'm actually doing things once in a while (and we know that's unhealthy for the upkeep of a blog...), limiting my time online. For example, yesterday and friend and I and her sister went out to a horse farm and worked all day to help these really nice people do some work on their barn. Yeah, that sounds like me, doesn't it? Fun times! I was thinking about posting last night but I had a little studying to do and it was late and I was tired as a dog. (Note: can one simply insert "dog" into any "adj. as a ..." phrase? I think so, however unfair it seems to our canine friends.) Aaaaaaanyway, a very lovely change of pace for yours truly, der vermeister. Why am I talking like this? I'm spitting out words... er, typing them out, quickly, like a man possessed. Hmm... maybe as my aforementioned friend suggested, I'm seriously buzzed from the Mellow Yellow I had for lunch. Or maybe I was the one who suggested it, I dunno. Well now... where was I?

Oh yeah, no TRW article last week, because last week, April 1, marked the illustrious tradition of The Deceiver Weekly, UMBC's favorite goof newspaper. I did write for it (2.5 articles!), but unfortunately, there is no online edition. You'd just have to have been on campus to enjoy it. It's nothing but a UMBC thang... So tomorrow, a new, mostly non-phony issue is deployed, and loathers of satire and parody everywhere rejoice. Bah-humbug, say I! I want a Lampoon-style newspaper every week!

I've read a bunch of online articles that have amused me in some way, but alas, I never got around to commenting upon them. Here's a quickie:
Grohl Gets Behind Killing Joke's 'Axis'
OK, this man MUST be stopped- it's incredible, he's like a studio drummer. Before long, Dave Grohl will be slammin' the skins on every single band's records! Drummers everywhere must take a stand: the encroaching menace of an all-Dave-Grohl-drumming world is too perilous to ignore!

Stolen from my much-noted cousin cyberdrum's profile:
Free Cupholder!



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