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Wednesday, July 24, 2002


And now for part 2 of the OC adventure, corresponding to the second day of the trip:

"I am Tiger Woods" Sunday, 7/14

It's a rainy morning, but most everyone's taking it well so far. Instead of hitting the soggy beaches or moping around in the trailer (very spacious and accommodating I must say), we decide to play a few rounds of miniature golf at Old Pro Golf on 136th Street. At this juncture,* I'd just like to point out here that OC must be the mini-golf capital of the world. There's another one of these teenager traps popping up every other block along Coastal Highway, each with a special theme: “Viking Golf,” “Dinosaur Golf,” “Volcano Golf,” “Tiki Golf,” “Subjugation of Indigenous Peoples Golf,”** etc. just a few of the 18-hole offerings. Actually, most have a 19th “bonus” hole in order to get us suckers to try to win a free game, the odds of which seem in the range of 1 to 1 berjizzillion. It’s like trying to spit a pea into a soda bottle from 10 ft. away.

Note: author not in picture.

All 6 in our little “party” do very well, but I come out on top in the first round with a 41- 11 under par. There are 3 different “courses” at Old Pro: after my victory in Pirate golf, we take advantage of our unlimited game (from 10-5) pass and give Safari golf a shot, so to speak. I shoot 2 19s for a total of 38 (that Math 106 course sure comes in handy!), once again the winner.

*Jargon: the way of the future!
**Needless to say, another tasteless joke of mine.

Back to the trailer for a little lunch, then we return to the “links” for some "exotic" Polynesian golf. This time I make another 41, but mom beats me by 1 stroke. Everyone else is close behind; I think the worst score was 47. I honestly think my family could compete in and even win a team mini-golf tournament, were we to enter such an event. While the rest of the old pros do the beach thing, I hit the books and just chill.

"Good Libations" Sunday, 7/14

After our little tourney, it’s time to pick out a dining destination. We choose the traditional favorite, Dumser’s, a 50s-style restaurant. Very busy (though maybe a little less so than yesterday at Warren’s Station), it takes a good while to get a table open that seats 7. My impatient brother was about to start tossing plates in the general direction of the slothful devourers, but we were finally shown a table by 7:25 or so. And they let us sit down at it too.

Lightly breaded = deeeeeeep fried with enough cholestorol to give a cardiologist a heart attack, which would be somewhat ironic.

I order the butterfly shrimp and a cherry Coke- the sodas are extremely old-school fountain drinks with flavor and taste that are simply to die for!* Dumser’s (do resist the temptation to call it “Dumpster’s” in honor of the smelly garbage receptacles at the end of the parking lot) is a little pricy, but worth at least one visit for any hungry beach bum, if only for the scrumptious appetizers and the delectable soft drinks.

*Note the use of food review-style terminology. :-)

-End part2-



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